Min. Eloundou Gaston

Minister of Energy and Water Cameroon

” Chose Cameroon Petrochemical Engineering Academy to Train the Etinde Gas Convention Coordination and Follow-up Committee on Negotiation and Follow Up of Gas Contracts in Cameroon and was impressed by their performance. “


Mr. Bossong Antoine


” Cameroon Petrochemical Engineering Academy has international reputation. This should be why international oil companies should choose this institution for the training in their company. “


Mr. Pierre Roger

International Oil and Gas Consultant

” This institution should always exist for Cameroonians to study. CPE Academy should take note of training government personnel on some topics as a skill. Employees will benefit a lot from their training programs. “


Mr. Ngole Belle

DAJ/MINEE Cameroon

” CPE Academy’s training program is good, there is no need to over emphasis. “


Mr. Bello Roger


” This training program is an excellent one. We need more of such training such as Negotiation as a Skill, Leading and managing Change, LNG Value Chain and Markets etc. Cameroon Petrochemical Engineering Academy we will come to you again. “


Eng. Agbor Nkoungho

Gas Process Engineer

“ As a Master degree holder from Cameroon Petrochemical Engineering Academy and a professional in the oil and gas industry, from my experience my advice to everyone envisaging to enter the oil and gas industry to get to Cameroon Petrochemical Engineering academy, for it is one of the best institutions in Cameroon to get professional training in the oil and gas industry and much more. ”


Eng. Rene Manju

Oil and Gas Production Engineer

“ With the numerous partnership of Cameroon Petrochemical Engineering Academy, having a diploma from this academy qualifies you and ensures open doors for job opportunities in the industry as it was in my case.  ”


Eng. Ngandju Thierry

Gas Processing Engineer

“ I had the opportunity to have studied in CPE Academy and now I am proud to be an alumni of this prestigious academy. It will always be my number one recommendation for anybody interesting in becoming a professional in the oil and gas industry.”